Thursday, January 22, 2009


Hi everyone! Last night, my wife and I had just finished watching The Dark Knight, when I started to think about all the amazing, life-changing, blog-worthy things that have happened to me since I last posted. Maybe I’ll re-start the ol' blog today with one of those things:

I celebrated for weeks after passing the bar;
I started my new career;
My daughter turned one;
I bought a house;
I attended Barack Obama’s inauguration…

And yet as I sit here, trying to reintroduce myself to blogging, trying to find the right words that express exactly how I feel right here and now, I think there’s something I need to admit before I can really devote myself once again to the art of web-logging. Okay, here goes:

I... I mean seriously. I feel like I just watched a two and a half hour trailer for the actual movie, which also sucked.

Hmm. Maybe I’ll re-start the ol' blog tomorrow with one of those things.


Alex said...

God bless you, Mike Garvey, for having the minerals to state it. There was a lot of cool stuff _in_ it, but overall? Bow-rang.

Jon D'Silva said...

Welcome back!

Erin said...

I'm with you...I guess I thought it was okay, but not anywhere near the genius film the rest of the world seemed to think it was.

Pat said...

Glad your back and feeling great, you know we all are proud of you and hell, half of us don't even know you -- how's that for fame?

Have a good one -- sorry, but my Steelers are gonna kick butt at the Super Bowl -- so much for the Bills --

Anonymous said...

Yea!! Mike's back!! love, mom

Leah said...

hi mikey!
all two of my recent blogs have been themed as re-caps in a way. i too am trying to take another stab at it, but am still seriously struggling with getting two feet solidly underneath me. plus, i don't think i have any readers left.

Bryan Mahoney said...

You leave us for months only to come back and blaspheme?!!? Heretic!!! Boo-urns!!!