Tuesday, March 17, 2009

BufBloPoFo 09 DayFour

Am I the only one to say it? “Erin go brag”?!? Yes? Nevermind.

Today’s BufBloPoFo topic is bragging. I’d love to write here: “Geez, I just can’t think of a single thing to talk about today!” but let’s face it, I’m a pretentious asshole and love bragging. Hell, I’m wearing a BOW TIE RIGHT THIS SECOND. That’s like the clothing equivalent of someone walking around shouting “neener neener” all day.

Here’s a particular favorite:

When I was in high school, back in the days of Netscape and Dr Katz, Professional Therapist, a few of my friends and I got together to made a movie called Nissassa, the Bunny from Hell.

This, participants, was quality stuff.

The basic plot revolved around a rabbit who just went nuts one day and started killing people with sharpened carrots. (Huh. It was the precursor, in that respect, to Shoot ‘Em Up!) Anyway, Nissassa kills one person too many, so the townsfolk call in Del Monte, a renegade, vigilante, loner, trench coat type who pulls the most vicious of weaponry from the guitar case he carries around. Del Monte, however, brings down Nissassa with a spork. Because, obviously, cheap serrated plastic is the only substance that can penetrate evil bunny skin (which we’d dressed in a Hawaiian tee shirt from Amvets).

Aaaaaaaand guess which brag-worth character I played? That’s right. This guy was the Bunny from Hell.

What’s more is that the film’s director/producer/writer took the only extant copy of this gem along with him when he went to college. Apparently, Nissassa became something of a cult classic within the halls of his dorm. It was one of those things that they’d pull out at each party, because, you know, sometimes beer just isn’t enough.

So anyway, not only did I get to be in a film about a rabbit who was killed with a spork, not only did I get to be said rabbit who was killed with a spork, but now every time I see one of this guy’s college pals, I get to be a minor celebrity.

Neener neener!

BufBloPoFo Topic for Day 5:

I used this topic last year, but a) we have a lot of new blood for ’09 and b) maybe your answer has changed. Also, c) I’m lazy. Who would play you in a movie? Who would play me?


Peter said...

This must have been excellent practice for THE FISH murder mystery film of Ocean City, MD.

Leanne said...

Mike, awesome!!...your infamous Bunny Head went right from the dorm room to the Goat Haus and sat on top of the beer fridge in the shady back room of the basement to terrify the drunk college freshmen and sophomores who knew nothing of the power of the Bunny from Hell:-) It has followed us to every home since...but it mysteriously disappeared a few years ago...hmmm

Garvey said...

Peter – OMG. Just realized that with Nissassa, THE FISH, and the vampire movie… I’ve done a trilogy!

Leanne - oh sweet! I didn't know if you still checked in on the RT, but I'm glad you found my little bragging tribute. As for the bunny head, either it's really alive (hiding and slowly growing in power, a la voldemort) or more likely it was stolen by throngs of rabid fans.

wes said...

I'm still waiting for royalties from "Donnie Darko". And don't sell yourself short, you were amazing in that film. Anyone who can convey a static paper mache bunny mask fraught w/ emotion like you did deserves to brag.