Friday, March 13, 2009

BufBloPoFo 09 DayOne

Oh man, it’s totally on. WELCOME TO THE SECOND ANNUAL BUFBLOPOFO. Can you feel the blogging camaraderie? For the next fourteen days, participants, we are blogging brothers and sisters, united in our desire to pretend that a) blogging is still relevant and b) we can do anything for two weeks straight.

Ha ha, I’m kidding, of course. Blogging is cool and so are you.

Today is Saturday, March 14, 2009. As I sit on my couch this morning, reeling from a quickly growing to-do list, I dearly wish I could limit the number of Big Things Going On In My Life to three.

But then again, now that I’m thinking about what to write here, I’m happy to report that the three biggest things going on in my life (insert bathroom humor here) are all, you know, good. Here we go:

I. Law – in the last year, I graduated, studied for the New York State Bar, took the New York State Bar, passed the New York State Bar, landed a job, and got sworn in. I... I’ve grown up. Oh, no wait- there are monkey pen holders on my desk, so no growing up for this guy.

II. House – the Garveys have become members of the landowning gentry! Or, well, we will as of our closing date, March 27th. Or, well, we will as of our closing date if the bank decides to give us money. Old Man Aichess Beecee and his banker cronies aren’t making it easy.

III. Lost – Lisa and I started watching the dvds and are HOOKED. We just watched that episode from the third season with the spiders and damn, Lisa, please put that baseball bat down because I’m kidding the family is a much bigger thing in my life than Lost could ever be. The family is great. Maeve can count to ten, Addie is just starting to walk, and for the love of Christ, people, watch out for those island spiders.

So okay, my friends! We’re on our way! One post down and a mere thirteen to go!

BufBloPoFo Topic for Day 2:

After my swearing in ceremony, my parents and my in-laws took me and Lisa to Lombardo’s on Hertel. We got to talking about favorite foods, and this next topic kind of stems from that. If you had the power to put together the most perfect, end-of-the-universe, nothing-better-was-ever-made repast, using whatever ingredients you want, and with whomever you’d like as your co-diners, what would you want? Tell me about one little bit, or all fourteen courses. Tell me about venue, about background music, about which box of wine goes best with which flavor of ramen noodles.


Patty said...

I just started the LOST dvds to weeks ago. I'm on Season 2, half way through it. GREAT SHOW and yes its all consuming. On days I don't go out I run home, eat shower and start my 8p-12m marathon of LOST...its a sickness!

Amanda said...

Mike, I am in. I just posted. I hope I am not too late!

Papa said...

I'll write about food all day long, count me in.